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Deductions & credits

Actually, there's no need to answer the other questions because based on what you're telling us, I can tell you right now it's going to raise *BIG* flags with the IRS. Your methods as I understand them the way you are describing them, are classic money laundering techniques used by those funneling money back to drug cartels and illegal arms traffickers.

My Business Paypal is containing my C-Corp Company EIN

So every single penny passed through that account (in and out) "MUST" be reported, one way or other on the 1120 Corporate return. The SCH C doesn't play into it. (But it can if you set things up right - assuming it's not to late.)

You *NEED* to get with a tax professional yesterday, if not sooner to get things right so you don't get flagged by the IRS. From my understanding of your post, you won't be getting a simple paper audit via the mail from the IRS either. On top of that, if your state taxes personal income that's gonna be a double-whammy when the initial audit notification letters come.
Please, please please! For the sake of your wallet get with a tax professional ASAP!