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I had the same problem - tried and tried - finally the last time I saw a popup msg that said I had a sign-in problem, possibly suggesting it didn't like either ID or Password.  It left a phone # to call, but lost it before I could write it down - don't know how to recapture it.

@ johnshober 

We don't know what that "same" problem is, since more than one person has posted in this old thread and the threadowner never responded to explain his situation.   You can explain your situation in detail and may get some assistance in this forum.  But more info is needed, such as if you are using Online TurboTax or if you are using the desktop software (and if so, is it for Windows or Mac), and exactly what/where you are encountering difficulty.


In any case, if you are asking how to phone TurboTax Support, the hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Midnight Eastern).   They are open this weekend due to extended filing deadline approaching.


FAQ: What is the TurboTax phone number?