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Foreign Tax Credit Comp Wks Foreign Qual Dividend Adjustment Check Box Unchecks Itself, why?

Box partway down the page, Foreign Qualified Dividends and/or Capital Gains Adjustment Smart Worksheet, within which is a check box titled 'Check the box to make adjustments for foreign qualified dividends and/or capital gains for line 1'.


When I enter my basic information this box checks itself and there's no way to uncheck it. That seems correct because I meet the criteria (I'm aware of) that requires it: qualified foreign div and/or ltcg >$20k or total income exceeding a given threshold.


But, when I experiment with increasing my charitable deductions, without changing foreign income or total income, eventually I reach a point where the box unchecks itself, though it can be manually checked again (but it took awhile to figure out this was happening and giving weird results in my analysis!)


Is this just a bug that that box checks itself and doesn't allow an override in some cases where it should be checked (I believe) but defaults to being unchecked in other cases and making you check it where I still believe it should be checked?  Or, is there some reason that box should be not be checked at a higher level of deductions but same foreign and total income, some other criterion I'm missing?