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Addition error found for CA return.

Found an error in California state tax return.  I have an adjustment subtraction of -56 and an addition of 82.  Instead of reporting an addition of 26, Turbotax filled in an addition of 138 (56+82).  I can override, but then I can't efile.  Please advise, thanks.

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Well, since you didn't mention where this is happening, I'm guessing this has to to with Schedule CA line 37 columns B & C and how they get to Form 540 lines 14 & 16. When line 37 column B is negative the Schedule CA line 37 instructions say to enter it as a positive number on Form 540 line 16. If the Addition column C is positive then those two get added together and put in 540 line 16.

It's the reverse if line 37 column C is negative - that goes to 540 line 14.

The arithmetic always works out right.

This is all because the Calif FTB doesn't want negative numbers in Form 540 lines 14 & 16.

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