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Business incorporated in NY but ran in FL. Issues filling CT-3-S Part 2, item 22 and Part 3, item 52-54 & K-1 worksheet

Hello. Me and my wife run a S Corp. It was formed in NY in 2016. In 2017 we moved to Florida.We run the business from home office in FL.  The business is getting paid from another from NY. I purchased TurboTax Business NY State extension and not sure how to complete it. 


1.Should I put in any receipts in Part 2, item 22 and Part 3, item 54 and 55 on form CT-3-S? If yes, what should I type here?


Annotation 2020-04-13 160458.png


2.My 2018 tax return had an amount higher than the 1120S ordinary income in these fields (34,207 instead of 31,207). Was it a mistake? This amount was entered in New York columns as well as Everywhere column.


Annotation 2020-04-13 154825.png


Also, TurboTax finds an error in Schedule K-1 Worksheet (Form CT-3-S). It wants me to type "No. of shares" as well as "From/To" dated.


3. Should I enter the shares as percentage? 

4. What should I enter as Shares Held Start/End date? 


 Annotation 2020-04-13 155136.png


Thank you.

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State tax filing

Your post presents a scenario that might be best handled by Support (link below).

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State tax filing

I tried to call the support few times but each tax professional said that they are not allowed to assist me with any business tax related questions. I wouldn't buy this software if I knew it.