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My daughter FT student in MO. we live in NY. She got W2 from. she also has W2 from NY. 1-where does claim that she lives? 2-do I need to download and file MO state tax?

turbo did not prompt me to enter MO state tax. also her W2 from the university in mO did not have any taxes paid. only her wages. is that normal?

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State tax filing

If she's in MO temporarily to attend school, she remains a legal resident of NY.  However, MO can tax any income she has from working in MO.  Therefore if she has MO income she'll need to file a non-resident return in MO and a resident return in NY.  In the My Info section of TT, enter NY as her state of residence and indicate that she had other state income from MO.

She'll be able to take a credit on her NY return for the taxes paid to MO, so she won't be double-taxed.

Be sure to complete her non-resident return before doing her home state return, so that the credit flows properly.

**Answers are correct to the best of my ability but do not constitute tax or legal advice.

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