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Do you enter non-taxable income for a VA disability pension for the state of PA? If so, where would you enter it? I understand not to enter this VA info on Fed form.

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State tax filing

No, this would not be taxable to PA for personal income tax purposes.

If you choose to file a Property Tax or Rent Rebate, you will need to include this as part of the household funds to determine eligibility for the rebate.

- Include the gross amount (not the taxable amount) of pensions, annuities, Individual Retirement Account distributions, Tier 2 Railroad Retirement Benefits, Veterans’ Disability Benefits, and Civil Service Disability Benefits. Do not include Black Lung Benefits. Submit photocopies of pension/annuity benefits statements along with other forms 1099 showing income for 2016.

Proof of Disability: For Veterans Administration disability, provide a letter from the Veterans Administration stating that you are 100 percent disabled.