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Filing state tax for Florida

Do I have to file a state return in Florida?  Turbo says I need to mail it but does not provide a return. I owe and get $0. New to this state
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State tax filing

" Turbo says I need to mail it but does not provide a return."

Florida does not levy a state individual income tax. You do not need to print and mail an income tax return to the state.

The Florida return in TurboTax is to report tangible personal property that is used in a Florida-located business or rental property and is filed with the county property appraiser by April 1st. 

If you do not have tangible personal property to report, choose   Skip State   in the   State Taxes   section.

If you do need to file a Form DR-405, nothing will print (except an instruction sheet) unless assets were transferred or you manually entered assets in the DR-405 worksheet. 

If you mistakenly continued on through the Florida section in TurboTax and paid for a return that you do not need, contact customer support. 

Visit -->  https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1899263  to contact customer support.

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