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Can't efile an extension, it only allows me to print & mail?

I have turbotax premier
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After you file

How do I file an extension?

An IRS extension gives you until October 16 to file, but it doesn't give you until October to pay your taxes. Those are still due by midnight, April 18.

(Expecting a refund? You may not need an extension. Read more here.)

Below are 5 different ways to file your IRS extension (click or tap here for info about state extensions).

  1. Make a payment to the IRS and select Extension or Form 4868 as the payment type.
  2. Search for extend inside your TurboTax program, then click or tap the "Jump to" link.
  3. Sign in at TurboTax.com, then select Easy Extension from the MyTurboTax menu (mobile devices: tap the upper-left corner to access this menu).
  4. Sign in at the Easy Extension website to e-file your extension.
  5. Download and print Form 4868, fill it out, and get it postmarked before midnight April 18. Payment and mailing instructions are on pages 3 and 4 of your printout.