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How do I know if automatic debit from checking is set up for my state payment?

I don't seem to be able to find it set up after I have filed.
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After you file

Your chosen tax payment method will display on your Filing Instructions page, in the Balance Due/Refund section. 

For direct debit, you'll see the amount, routing and account numbers, and withdrawal date (if you did not select a date, the debit date will automatically default to 04/18/2017).

Please note Step 8 below.

To get a view/print a copy of your 2016 tax return after filing (including filing instructions - any forms that you need to mail will be on this page along with the mailing address:(

  1. Sign in with the same login you used when you filed your return.
  2. Click the down-arrow next to My TurboTax
  3. Click on the My Tax Timeline
  4. Scroll toward the bottom of that screen, in the Some things you can do section, click Add a state (This is just a workaround - you are not really going to add a state - program window will spin/update).
  5. Click down-arrow next to My Account (top right, next to the Search box).
  6. Click on Print Center.
  7. Click on Print, save or preview this year's return.
  8. Under Choose your option:, select Forms filed with the government (shortest version w/filing instructions); Forms filed with the government plus all worksheets (w/filing instructions); or All forms (longest version).
  9. Click on View or print box.
  10. Pop up will ask if you want to Save file or Open in Adobe.  (Filing instructions are on the first page.}
  11. When finished, Click on Tax Timeline to go back to original login screen.

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