Yes, you technically can but it is going to be a l...
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After you file

Yes, you technically can but it is going to be a lengthy and involved process.  I will give you the general steps below, so you can decide if it is something you want to do -

  1. You would need to completely fill out your 2018 return again from scratch in the TurboTax program.  This would also mean if you can’t use the Free Edition version of TurboTax, you would need to pay for preparing your return again - this time with TurboTax.  You can't just pay for an amendment.
  2. You will then need to make sure the 2018 return shows exactly the same thing as the 2018 return you filed elsewhere.  You will want to print out the 2018 return in TurboTax and compare it line by line to the one prepared elsewhere.  This is important and, if you did not prepare your return yourself the first time, it can be difficult to know exactly how it was prepared.  It also means you would need copies of all your documents such as W2s again.
  3. After you finish filling out the "mock" 2018 return, you will then tell the program you are filing the return by paper - this must be done to make the program know you are done and allow the amendment to work right
  4. Then, you will be able to amend your "filed" return in the 2018 TurboTax program.  Click here for instructions on how to file your amended return. 
  5. TurboTax will produce the 1040X form for you to print and mail to the IRS. 

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