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After you file

My conversation
“Yes, I was supposed to have received my refund today but it never deposited and nothing at my bank is pending. I’m concerned that it may have been lost”

Irs “how do you know it was for today and do you have dependents”

Me”I do have dependents and because it is on the where’s my refund tool as being sent today”

Irs “hmmm well let me look into this, may I gather some more information from you etc”

Me “yes, thankyou very much”

Irs “actually ma’am It looks here like it isn’t due to be sent until the 27”

Me “oh my really? I wonder if wmr is wrong or something. Well thank you for the correction, I was really concerned. You have a good day ma’am”

Baaam! I got my date without wmr telling me!!!