Level 5

After you file




exactly what i thought


same thing i was told yesterday

she did tell me it was pulled for review, but that everything else was fine and no offsets or anything like that were made.

she said i would not see it until the 27th, or a few days after that..

her words exactly "we have been having people call with the same issue, and theres nothing we can do to push it or make it go any faster its completly out of our hands, just whenever they get to that batch you are in for processing the refund then thats when it will be processed. you can expect the wmr tool to update on the 23rd, but nothing before then or maybe it wont update until after.sometimes it wont even update and you will still see your refund in your account. but there is not anything wrong with your account here its just waiting to be processed so i do apoloigze for that wait"


literally nothing they can do.

i already knew this information, but i called because anoter poster posted on our thread saying to call and say you had a refund date for the 22nd but did not see anything pending. which is FALSE.


they cant do anything about the dates or change any dates that moves it along quicker.

i am hoping and praying it updates by the 23rd and i seee a date for the 27th for deposit. thats whatim holding onto right now. but who knows...