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After you file

Hey I got this from another Thread might help some!! It’s my cycle 20190505

I filed January 28th, accepted same day (though the IRS agent told me it wasn't REALLY accepted until January 30th). Cycle Code 20190505 on transcript. Shows the refund amount, processing date 2/18/19, no code for refund sent. Topic 152 until 2/16, and then it changed to received return and it is being processed, but also no bars.

I called IRS yesterday morning, she researched my account, showed no errors, said the delay was due to PATH. Said in her experience the being processed shows up a few days before getting refund (which at this point is nearly a week so I have good reason to doubt that). She also said that the DDDs are updated just on Wed Thurs and Fri each week, and that at any point I could be getting notified of refund sent. Still nothing showing at TPG site.