Level 5

After you file

My tax refund is entirely on me and I know that. We have 3 kids but I never adjusted my withholdings from 1 kid when I first got the job. We pay so little in mortgage interest and everything is so basic that I've never done anything other than the standard deduction.

Yes I know if I adjusted my withholdings I'd have the money throughout the year instead of a nice refund.

But you know what? I spend all year making sure my wife and kids want for nothing. Birthdays, anniversary, various holidays, I always take care of them.

So I treat the refund as my gifts for myself. Purchase a few choice, expensive items. Pay for our summer vacation. And I'm entirely ok with doing it this way.

Your refund is entirely on you with making sure your withholdings are correct. Want more in your check but a lower refund or even potentially owe a bit, adjust withholdings. Want a big tax refund, adjust withholdings.