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To Ammend now or wait until my orig. Return

So I had my 2020 return sitting at Turbo at the end of January waiting in line to get my return. Yes, the new bill affected it, as I did finally receiving my 2nd stimulus. However the turbo system ( mind you I purchase the extra help as necessity.) Had me file single when I am head of house since forever. It didn't occur to me at the time as my fiancée was hospitalized and the experts I would speak with didn't question it until AFTER it was filed! So my family is enduring a great financial hardship with my return being in limbo for over a month now! IRS doesn't answer ever. Do I go ahead and ammend or risk waiting on an absolution that may come too late?  Please help- any advice as we have kids and before we lose everything we have worked for

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After you file

If your tax return has been filed and accepted by the IRS, then you need to wait until it is processed and you have your refund before you file an amended return. If you file the amended return to early, it may delay the processing of the return you already filed even more.

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