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Why is Turbo Tax pretending you can submit an amended return electronically?

You can't submit an amended return electronically. And yet, after I finish amending my return (on the windows app, because that was the only option given for amending) at the end it says "to file electronically, hit the file tab above". There is no file tab, aside from the toolbar, in which there is no option to file electronically. Do I have schizophrenia? Is TurboTax just lying? Or, most likely, is it incredibly poorly worded, and clunky? 

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After you file

TurboTax is not "pretending"   about e-filing your amended return.  The IRS closed e-filing in October and will not re-open for e-filed returns until at least the end of January when they begin to accept 2020 returns.  If you want to file the 1040X right now, then print, sign and mail it.

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