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International student mistakenly filed both federal and state (Colorado) tax return as US citizen using Turbo Tax. How do I fix both the federal and state tax returns?

I read one answer on this forum saying that I need to "wait until they have processed and provided you the refund (or you've paid tax due) and then amend that return to a 1040NR (or 1040NR-EZ)". It's two weeks from the date I filed the tax and I haven't received the refund yet, while the deadline for filing tax return this year is 2 days from now.

So do I need to wait until I receive the refund before I can file the amended tax as outlined here? Would that be considered as missing the deadline since I don't want to run into any trouble in the future. Can I file the amended forms now rather than waiting for the refund?

And if I receive the refund directly deposited into my account how can I return the money?

And can you show me how to file the amended forms for the state tax?

Thank you so much!