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Question about taxes

I filed my taxes but haven't received them it keeps telling me I need to print out something I have no way to do that if you could help please that would be great 

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After you file

“Ready to mail”  or "printed" means that your tax return has not been filed.  Either you could not e-file for some reason , or you chose to file by mail.  OR if you really did already mail your return, the software does not have any way to know that you put your return in an envelope and took it to a mailbox, so it will always say “ready to mail” in your online account.

TurboTax does not mail your return for you.  You have to print it, sign it, and mail it yourself.  When you mail a tax return, you need to sign it where it says "Sign Here" and write in the date you signed it by the word "Date".  Attach copies of your W-2 and any other documents that show taxes withheld to the left side of the papers where it says "Attach Forms..."

When you print your return, it will print with filing instructions that tell you where to mail it.  Pay careful attention to the address you mail your return to —federal and state returns do not get mailed to the same place.

It is not required, but is a good idea, to use a mailing service that will track your return or provide you with a receipt showing that the IRS got it--such as Fedex, UPS, or certified mail.  It will take about 4 weeks and then you can track the status of your return at the IRS website.

You can print your return by following the instructions below

1 Select the My Account drop down in the upper right and choose Print Center.

2 Under the Choose your option section, select which forms you want to print.

3 Click Print save or preview this year’s return.

4 Click Print.

5 Mail to the address specified in your return

Tip: You must be inside your return when you click on My Account 

To send your tax return by mail and get a receipt to see that the IRS and/or your state received it:

To track your Federal refund:

To track your state refund:

On the IRS site you are also offered the use of an app called IRS2Go


To change to e-filing: