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After you file

I'm SO done with TurboTax.  Never again.  My 2018 never got filed.  My 2019 was sent on March 28th, and on my TurboTax home page it shows that the IRS accepted my return.  Well, when talking to the IRS, they say there is no record of my 2019 return.  As if I never filed.  So, because IRS doesn't have a return from me for 2018 or 2019, I can't get my stimulus check.  My 2019 refund will have to go toward taxes I owe from a previous year, and that's fine, but I need the stimulus!!  I have already reached out to Senator Blackburn's office, filled out a privacy release form so they can contact the IRS on my behalf...but now I feel like the Senator and Governor need to be informed of how much incompetence there is.  Both the IRS and TurboTax NEED to be questioned about their actions, or lack thereof.  Good luck deducting you $65.55 TurboTax...there's only $7 in my account.  You're not getting money until I get it.  IF then...