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After you file



turbo tax said they were automatically debiting my bank account June 1st. I went ahead and paid it even though I am totally broke being a cosmetologist.


The emails that were sent from TT   told you how to defer the payment ... if you choose to pay it anyway then that was your choice not a requirement.


I read that everyone who did the payment out of refund through turbo tax got held up. The government wasn’t given access to our bank account information until its paid and now it may be too late because of that May deadline to get bank account info to government.


The IRS doesn't get your DD info if you used a third party processing bank to withhold the TT fees ...the IRS is given a temporary bank account number at the processing bank to receive the refund, then the bank sends the balance to your bank account.   


Nothing is held up ... once the IRS releases the refund the third party bank completes it's job and your money is deposited usually within a day of the IRS deposit.   And the stimulus check will make the same journey once it is released ... IRS to processing bank to your bank.  


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