Level 15

After you file

First, did you efile?  If so, log in to your Online TurboTax account and confirm at the Tax Home that your efiled return was accepted.


When using the IRS WMR tool, be sure you enter the correct SSN and filing status.


Use only the Federal refund amount.  Do not use any combined total refund figure that includes the state refund.   Look at your actual 2019 return to get the Federal refund amount.  Be sure you are using what is displayed on your Federal Form 1040, Line 21a for the Federal refund amount.

And if you are paying your TurboTax fees out of the Federal refund, use the Federal amount without regard to the fee subtraction; i.e., the amount before any fees are subtracted.


You can also try phoning the IRS refund hotline.  I've seen it work for some users before when the WMR tool didn't.