Re: I got a letter from the IRS wanting my W-2s du...
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After you file

Not helpful 😕. I already tried all of this. I already knew I would need to try to contact the IRS. I am needing some additional guidance. I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed in the extra money I paid for help from TurboTax with these issues. The very first CPA that I chatted with was wonderful and helped me know exactly what to do when I got the letter requesting my w-2s. She looked at my return to make sure everything was accurate, and that was fantastic. But since I've been unable to get any kind of response from the IRS since then, I have been disappointed in my efforts to reach out to you guys for guidance. I hate saying that because I'm not a complainer. But it is a very helpless feeling, and getting a canned response like contact the IRS through their website is not helpful :(

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