Level 6

After you file

Again, copying and pasting from the IRS website does absolutely nothing if you're not comprehending my message. 

Like I was told the push back to file is July 15th but has nothing to do with processing returns that have already been accepted or have been chose for review/audit.  That date is to give more time to file and pay. 

Secondly, if you were pulled for a review or audit like mine was told the IRS processing center like mine in Atlanta, GA was shut down quietly due to virus last Sunday. In which, means my review/audit/some refunds are on hold and will not be processed until after April 19th when the IRS is supposed to come back. This location is not the only one that quietly closed. 

Was also informed that when they do come back it will be two weeks before they get back to processing tax refunds because by then the stimulus checks are going to have to begin. 

Was also told that if your return is cleared after a review/audit they freaking mail it to you 8 weeks later. 


Not going to list anymore information I was told, believe it, don't believe it, prepare or don't prepare, at this point I could care less. You we're warned. Take it or leave it.