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After you file

I see a lot of people saying TurboTax is giving estimated DDD, I don’t see one for mine but I filed mine at 107am EST Jan. 19th. According to TurboTax, it was received by the IRS at 118pm EST Jan. 22nd & accepted by the IRS at 318pm EST Jan. 22nd. I woke up one morning after Jan. 22nd to check the mobile IRS2GO app for my refund status & it had the PATH message. Last year, I got my refund 2 days after Presidents Day. I have the tax credits & I’m hoping mine will be deposited tomorrow or the weekend but I know the weekend is very likely. Since President’s Day is Monday the 18th I know we won’t get any deposits so if it’s not in the bank account by tomorrow then hopefully it will be in my account by mid next week...fingers crossed that the message saying mid-Feb. (tomorrow the 15th) will be a good day for a lot of people!!! I really hope it won’t take until Feb. 27th!!!