Level 6

After you file

Finally was able to login to my debit card to be able to print out my statements so I hope they accept those as bank statements. the hotel agreed to add my nephew's on to the extra guest list so that way their names appear on the receipt of the entire 2019 receipt that we've been here so hopefully they'll accept that. Also sending in my w twos that I printed off the internet what shows my address and my yearly income. Also mailing in the letter that the public schools sent my mother when they release them from the public school district to be traditionally homeschooled in 2019. but in 2019 my nephews were never sick they just got sick but it's 20/20 so doctor same as not going to do any good and then how do you get a six-month verification letter from someone saying that they lived here because we don't talk to anybody. faxing this information to the tax advocate tomorrow so she should have it on Monday praying to God this is the paperwork that they'll need or accept and not ask for anything else. Said it was still going to take another five weeks.