Level 6

After you file

tax advocate finally got a hold of me and said I need to prove head of household and that my nephew's lived with me in the hotel for the year that we've been homeless with my mom. how the heck do I prove this when they don't go to daycare my mom watches them and then she home schools and the tax advocate was saying that you need a doctor statement saying that they live with you from this time to this time but they never went to the doctors in 2019 if nobody gets sick nobody goes to the doctor. Found a way to pull off my bank statement from the debit card and a lot of the transactions I did I pulled the money off of the ATM to get cash so I could pay for the room but also buy groceries and stuff so it doesn't all show that it wants a lodging or that I paid by debit so it's like being homeless how do I do this is like discrimination you don't want to give it to me but I'm homeless because I don't have utility bills I don't have all that other stuff