Re: 2020 Path Act: Post your updates here, please.
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After you file

I checked SBTPG this morning like many others same message, my refund was received, fees were paid, and it was "sent to my bank" nothing else. I logged in again after work right now and noticed my routing and account number are now there, this gave me some peace of mind that my acct info was correct in their system and that I will see it within the next 24hours. Hopefully it gives you some peace of mind as well. I use Walmart Money Card Powered by GreenDotBank(ironic I even have to wait since SBTPG is a GreenDot Company as well). It also in notes indicated my card was GreenDot and give it 1-2 business days(why am I waiting so long when all of this is one company with my money, even once it is in my account?).

Typically funds are released to my account as soon as received i.e; Payday is Friday but my company submits payroll on Wednesday afternoon, I get my funds on Thursday(1 day early). Meaning if my return's Direct deposit was submitted today, I will see it tomorrow morning around 3AM. 

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