Re: 2020 Path Act: Post your updates here, please.
Level 4

After you file

Critter you are so right about that! I made this mistake this year and really it backfired. I’ve always used a bank account with the exception of last year and several years ago. There is often some problems with this in if something is wrong like you have a spouse in the returns but they are nit in the card this can be a returned refund. Now that I see I will nit be getting g it early I won’t be using a card again. Better to just wait until the date of DDD instead of expecting it early. 
Also people never use PayPal as a prepaid cars option for deposit. Several years ago they froze my refund for a month for no reason. Thankfully I didn’t need it and was saving it for a future need but really any of them can do this. Scary!

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