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After you file

@dewilson2023 You can claim your nephew no problem. As long as you helped supported him. The irs probably just wants his birth certificate and social security card. I know it's a pain because its going to take longer for you to receive your refund. As soon as you get the letter just send them what they need. I'm also receiving the same letter. I've claimed my step kids for years. But now they want birth certificate and social security card . I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I really hope the process goes fast for you. Forgot to mention that they will probably send your federal refund without all the child credits. So if you made, let's say, two thousand in federal taxes you should still receive that portion. No jail time or anything like that. They just wont release the child credit until you send them what they want. I hope this makes sense and helps. Sending many blessings your way