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filed 1/25/2019 accepted 1/28/2019 no path message one bar.

I filed 1/25/2019 was accepted 1/28/2019. I have EIC and ACTC but I am still sitting at one bar and no PATH message. I am legally separated and my husband filed 2/10/2019 and has not been accepted yet. Is anyone with the same filing date as myself still sitting at one bar? When the whole PATH thing started I always update to PATH the week after I filed (I am a weekly update) so I am kind of concerned that there may be an issue.

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After you file

I am in the same boat. Accepted 2-8 been on 1 bar since. Still no path.
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After you file

I was accepted on 1/28/2019 and checked on the website and finally got a deposit date(2/27/2019)