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Stu60 wrote:

It was desktop software and I use a windows computer. I guess my question may be, how do I get a 2017 program. Apparently the one I had is no longer on the computer...

You haven't specifically said if you have searched your computer and can find the *.tax2017 data file or a 2017 PDF or not.  In any case, I can tell you how to get the 2017 software replacement if you uninstalled it, but it won't do you any good unless you have the *.tax2017 data file.     Did you purchase the software as a download from TurboTax?    If so, it should still be in your online account and available for download at this link:



Or did you purchase the 2017 software somewhere else last year, or did you buy a CD and can't find it?   In those cases,  you'd need to phone TurboTax Support and ask for a replacement download.


You can use the form at the link below to schedule a call back, or it may provide a number. Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.


Where the form asks what product you are using, be sure in the dropdown menu to indicate "CD/download" and the proper operating system, then indicate which Edition.