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Why doesn't, Turbotax for 2017 have a place for the refund to go to a Banking account?

I followed through the reviews and to the point where the return would have been sent by E-file when I stopped it because there was no bank account for return to go.   I bought my turbotax CD from Costco.

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After you file

This should be in Step 2 of the Filing tab.  You can't get to Step 3 until you complete Step 2 to let TurboTax know how to send your refund.

If you go back to the Filing Tab next to the States tab. 

Then go through Step 1 where TurboTax discusses paying for your product and adding on services.

Then you will be allowed to go to Step 2, while there check to be sure that you did not choose inadvertently to mail a refund check.  TurboTax will also verify separately in this section what you want done with the state refund.

If you owe Federal or State this is also where TurboTax asks how and when you will be taking care of the amount owed.

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