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If I have only used TurboTax free, can I still access previous years' returns if I pay for Plus this year?

My husband and I are trying to buy a house. Little did we know it's extremely important to save previous tax documents. We've always filed with TT free, and we don't have any documents saved. (I know; spare me the lecture. My mom already did that for me!) If I pay for TT Plus this year, will I be able to have access to my previous years' documents even though I was using the free program?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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After you file


To pay the TurboTax online account fees by credit card, without completing the 2017 return at this time, click on Tax Tools the left side of the online program screen. Then click on Print Center. On the next page, to pay by credit card, click Pay Now. On the next screen just click on the Continue button. The next screen will show a review of your Fees, click on Continue. Complete the next screen to pay by credit card and click Continue.