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How do I print or save the total fees associated with using the turbo tax program?

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After you file

You can view your TurboTax order history by clicking here. You will want to make sure you are signed in to the TurboTax account you used when filing in 2016.

Once you are on the Order History page, you will see your TurboTax products listed.  Simply click the magnifying glass that says View Details to view your order details.

Next, you will see a breakdown of your TurboTax charges on the Order Details page and you can click Print this page to print a copy of a receipt for your records.

If you weren't able to locate your receipt using the method listed above, you can also reopen your return and go back to the File menu.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax Online account
  2. In the Some things you can do section, click Add a State (you aren't really adding a state this is just a way to reopen your return)
  3. Click the File tab.  You should see a link on this page that says "View your Receipt"
  4. If you are unable to locate your receipt in the File tab, you may want to try accessing My Account>Tools and select My Fees from the pop up.

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