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I received a 1099int from my mortgage company for $10.09 after i filed my taxes. When I try to amend adding a 1099-INT is not an option

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After you file

It is extremely common to omit reporting a Form 1099-INT. You file before they arrive, they get lost in the mail, get lost in your house or get tossed along with junk mail.

Since the IRS requires you to report  all your income, you should amend your return, but only after the original return has been completely processed (refund received or payment accepted). If you prepared your original return in TurboTax Deluxe, you should be able to amend it with Deluxe.

I can't think of a reason you aren't able to add a 1009-INT while amending, however, if you don't file an amended return to report the 1099-MISC, the IRS will just send you an automated Notice of Proposed Increase in Taxes later this year. 

They will calculate the tax due (plus interest and penalties) and you can send them a check (no amended return necessary).  (For $10 in interest, this would almost certainly be less than $3_.