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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Trying this again. I completed my taxes and efiled successfully. Got the normal response to watch for an acceptance or not from the IRS. TTax had a comment that I also need to mail it in. My original question for this community was "am I now late?" since I cant get it mailed in time. The answer I got back was that I need to file an extension. But that doesn't seem to make sense, because I just efiled successfully before the deadline. Seems odd to file an extension when I just efiled my return. Ttax gave no explanation as to why I needed to also mail in my return, or if I am now late, or anything. I guess I just wait now to see if it gets rejected, then follow instructions? First time this has ever happened to me, I've always efiled at the last moment with no issue. TTax gave my no reason or explanation as to why this happened, and whether or not I am now late even though I efiled in time (but didn't mail in time).