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I have a 10 95C not1095A and you don't let me proceed

. I use VA health
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You don't enter a Form 1095-C in your tax return. It doesn't affect your taxes. Just keep it with your tax records in case there is any question about what kind of health insurance you had.

When TurboTax asks whether you received a 1095-A, answer No.


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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

If "just saying no" as rjs says doesn't work for you, see the following...


Two ways to try to fix this:


First, do a Search (upper right) for 1095-a and click on the jump-to link (Mac users have to find 1095-A in the Topics List). NOTE: type in 1095-a and then hit enter - don't click on any of the suggested search items.


This should bring you to the screen where TurboTax asks if you had Marketplace insurance, answer NO and continue.


If that doesn't work, then do the following:


*** Desktop***


1. go to View (at the top), choose Forms, and select the 1095-A. Note the Delete Form button at the bottom of the screen.


*** Online ***


1. go to Tax Tools (on the left), and navigate to Tools->Delete a form

2. delete form(s) 1095-A.


Let us know if this does not work.


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