Level 2

Form 2210

The last few times that I paid a penalty (2017 & before) Turbo Tax completed form 2210 automatically. Why wont Turbo Tax complete form 2210 for me this year?   


Turbo Tax is asking impossible questions to answer i.e. the amount and date period for short & long term losses and gains, along with dates & amounts for qualified dividend gains.   I have well less that $10K invested in a "fund of funds" that does tax harvesting and produced a listing of 28 pages of trade and distribution activity for the year that is not summed by month or even quarter.  Each trade listing is for pennies, few go over dollar, and they are not even in date order, and each is for a fund that actually did the trade or distribution.   I used TT's tool to download that data to my Turbo Tax return, but Turbo Tax does will not populate form 2210.    HELP !