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I went through whole process of filing my state and federal taxes only to get message " a tax return with the same social security number has already been submitted"

WTF?? Has my identity been stolen? What do I do? I was unable to file by deadline! Help!
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It sounds as though you may be a victim of identity fraud.  Contact the IRS, the Social Security Administration and your local police department for help in dealing with this.  Be sure that you've interred your number correctly first, though! I wish you luck!

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Possibly.  or there might be an error in the IRS data base.   Could you be a dependent of your parents perhaps?


If not then you can only mail file and let the IRS sort it out.

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Did you or someone one your return file for a stimulus payment?    That will cause your tax return to be rejected.  You will need to mail in the return.  If you owe taxes, be sure to make a payment on the IRS website to avoid interest accruing.   

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If your return is REJECTED on or just before Tax Day.

IRS gives you a few days to 

a) correct the rejection and e-File again (not an option in this case), OR

b) get your paper return postmarked at the Post Office.