Well, that's problematic.  You could talk to Turbo...
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Well, that's problematic.  You could talk to TurboTax Support, but they'd might just tell you to get a refund for the Costco desktop product you purchased and use the website.  Or maybe they would work something out.  But the Online site often costs more and is a lesser product.

Why do you want to use the Online website version instead of your desktop product?

The online Deluxe product is not as fully-featured as the desktop Deluxe.  Online Deluxe cannot prepare Schedule D,E,F, or a Sched C with expenses.  It cannot enter a K-1.    Desktop Deluxe can handle all those forms.

The Online products do not have the popular Forms Mode and a state return is extra 36.99 (39.99 later in filing season.)  

The Deluxe Edition you bought from Costco may or may not include a state program.  It comes in 2 versions--one that is Federal-only and one that is Federal and State.   In the desktop products, there is a 19.99 state efile fee (or 24.99).  There is no state efile fee for New York.  There is no fee to print and mail a state return.

If you already started an Online return, however, we can tell you how to download the *.tax2016 data file from  your online account so you can continue it without having to start over.  I can give you more info on that, or how to reach TurboTax Support, once I know what you want to do.

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