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How to include tutoring income on 2019 Income Tax Return?



I am a full-time teacher who began tutoring once a week back in August 2019. From August to December 2019, I earned $740.00. I was paid via check about once a month.  I didn't file estimated taxes.


How do I add this income to my 2019 return? 


Also, how do I file the required state, federal and FICA taxes on this money?


Thank you!

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Are you using the Online version?  That is self employment income.You can enter Self Employment Income into Online Deluxe or Premier but if you have any expenses you will have to upgrade to the Self Employed version.


How to enter income from Self Employment



You need to report all your income even if you don't get a 1099Misc. You use your own records.  You are considered self employed and have to fill out a schedule C for business income.   You use your own name and ssn or business name and EIN if you have one.   You should say you use the Cash Accounting Method and all income is At Risk.   


Self Employment tax (Scheduled SE) is automatically generated if a person has $400 or more of net profit from self-employment.  You pay 15.3% SE tax on 92.35% of your Net Profit greater than $400.  The 15.3% self employed SE Tax is to pay both the employer part and employee part of Social Security and Medicare.  So you get social security credit for it when you retire.  


The SE tax is already included in your tax due or reduced your refund.  It is on the 1040 Schedule 2 line 4 which goes to 1040 line 15.  The SE tax is in addition to your regular income tax on the net profit.  You do get to take off the 50% ER portion of the SE tax as an adjustment on 1040 Schedule 1 line 14 which flows to 1040 line 8a.  Turbo Tax automatically calculates the SE Tax and Adjustment.


For 2019 Schedule C Net Profit or Loss now goes to 1040 Schedule 1 line 3.  Then the total on schedule 1 line 9 goes to 1040 line 7a.


Here is some IRS reading material……


IRS information on Self Employment



Pulication 334, Tax Guide for Small Business



Publication 535 Business Expenses




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Thank you, VolvoGirl, for the speedy and detailed answer! Appreciate both!