Question about Student Loan Interest Deduction
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Question about Student Loan Interest Deduction

I graduated from college two years ago but at age 26 I am still paying principal plus interest on student loans during the tax year. I took a full-time academic workload during my college career except for my final year where I took half the full-time workload. My MAGI is 48K; can I claim the student loan interest deduction for up to $2500 in interest paid during this year and up to $2500 in interest for subsequent years until the loan is paid off? 


If I understand correctly, as long as it participated in qualified education for a degree or certificate, I can deduct it regardless if I graduated years ago as long as those expenses are still incurred and paying them back?


I tried reading the publication but it did not specify where or not it was ok for graduated students.


Thank you!

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