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If I'm filing injured spouse why does it keep asking me to review and put in information for innocent spouse? It won't let me get past the "needs review" for innocent

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Please note that the injured and innocent spouse claims are filed using the same form. You will need to ignore the questions for innocent spouse or remove any answers that you have already provided. You should then be able to continue.


Form 8379 lets you (the "injured spouse") get back your portion of a jointly-filed refund if it's seized or offset to pay your spouse's debt.

You must file jointly to use this form. Filing an 8379 will delay your federal refund by up to 14 weeks.

To file this form in TurboTax:

  1. Open or continue your return.
  2. In the search box, enter injured spouse and then select the Jump to link in the search results.
  3. Answer Yes to Do you want to claim innocent or injured spouse relief? and carefully follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: Pay close attention to the screens, as some of them apply to innocent spouse relief, which is different. Leave those questions blank if you only want to claim injured spouse relief.

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These instructions do not work. When you search for "injured spouse" you do not get a "jump to" link. It's just a bunch of help articles and the miscellaneous forms only gets you to the innocent spouse Form 8857 which is the wrong form. Then I see help instructions here saying that in Turbotax you fill out the information on the same form for both of these ( you can only get to a Form 8857) and only fill in question 3 and not questions 1 and 2 that pertain to "innocent spouse" 8857 because you want "injured spouse" 8379. This is soooooooo utterly confusing because you don't see the 8379 form anywhere, and I see many people who said that they included the 8857 form accidentally and now have a big mess. What is the deal with this horrible software design? I have had to resort to filing paper returns because of this.