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@kites52001 wrote:

I just now downloaded the TT 2019...  tried to install it on my windows 7 machine and all it does is come up with the splash screen warning you of windows 7...  when you click install on windows 7 the screen goes away and it does nothing after that... as in it does not install at all.... 

I don't know why it's not installing on your machine.  It installed OK on my Windows 7 machine after clicking on the warning screen to go ahead and install it on Windows 7, and for me the program runs fine on Win 7.    Were you installing with administrator privilege?


I realize it doesn't help you to know that mine works.   Here's how you can speak to TurboTax Support so they can question you further and troubleshoot your installation issue:


You can use the form at the link below to schedule a call back, or it may provide a number. Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.

Where the form asks what product you are using, be sure in the dropdown menu to indicate "CD/download" and the proper operating system, then indicate which Edition.


"if I had known it wasn't going to install on my windows 7 machine I never would have bought it"


If Support cannot solve the issue, and if you do not want to use it on the other computer, TurboTax does offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee.