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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I just now downloaded the TT 2019...  tried to install it on my windows 7 machine and all it does is come up with the splash screen warning you of windows 7...  when you click install on windows 7 the screen goes away and it does nothing after that... as in it does not install at all....   I also downloaded it to my windows 10 machine that is my photo/video workstation where TT does not belong...  I'll be doing my 2019 Tax this year on the windows 10 machine and then un installing it....  then I'll just have to do my taxes the old fashion way...  print out the forms and manually do the taxes...  this will be my last year with TT...  if I had known it wasn't going to install on my windows 7 machine I never would have bought it...   good bye TT...