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@tm52  wrote:

So, is the TurboTax 2019 compatible with Windows 7 or not?  Intuit say "yes" in the ads and in Tech Support texts we have seen.   Is it true?  Should we trust them?


The vulnerability of Windows 7 is currently way overblown.  Symantec/Norton still runs on Windows 7 and still runs on our kids Windows XP systems.  Why should we throw away perfectly good hardware that runs just fine because Microsoft and Intuit say so?  The kids PCs won't run Windows 7 so they will stay with XP until the hardware fails.  We will run Windows 7 on our other PCs until the hardware fails.  Intuit and TurboTax need to understand, we are the customer.  Take it or leave it.


Yes, TurboTax 2019 will install and run on Windows 7.   I've tried it on my own Windows 7 computer, even though I will ultimately be using it on Windows 10.    Each time you launch the program, it may remind you on the landing screen that you are using Windows 7, which you can easily click and bypass.   TurboTax recommends an upgrade to Windows 10, not because it won't run on Windows 7, but to protect you in general since Microsoft won't provide security updates to Windows 7 OS after January 2020.


Next year, however, TurboTax supposedly will not install at all on Windows 7.   But the new current product for 2019 will.


Be aware there is a new licensing method this year.  At the end of installation you will need to enter a license code to activate the product.  The code is provided in your CD box or with your download info if a download is purchased online.   The license code is good for up to 5 computers.


Also, all people who purchase CDs also qualify to get a complimentary download if they prefer (or don't have a CD drive) at the TurboTax website.


If you purchase the 2019 software and don't like it, you have a 60-day unconditional moneyback guarantee and can use the online refund request form.