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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

So, I got TT today. I downloaded it, installed it and get the first screen. And was thrilled I wouldnt have to update and had another year to get a new computer or convert to Win10. I am a senior and my wife and I each have our own computer.  We have been with TT Advantage for many years. The first screen was great. And then the blank activation screen was almost the last straw.  I was on the phone with tech for over an hour...they were surprised the company would post a promise to let it work and then not.


I foolishly tried to upgrade to win 10. ruined my computer.  It is now useless. So I have to either buy a new one or learn how to do a clean install. All this to pay my taxes....???WTF?   Maybe if enought of us quit or threaten then they will send out a copy that supports win7.  The problem is they already sent out cds which DO NOT.


I no longer trust this company.