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 sam11233203 wrote:
text my code to [phone number removed]


@ sam11233203   This is mainly a user community forum.  No one can send you anything.   Be sure your emailed code is not going to a junk/spam folder, and also check other email accounts, if any.


You can try switching to text messages by logging into your account, and at the Tax Home, go to the left menu column, and way down near the bottom, click on  "Intuit Account."   Then update your phone preferences.


While you are there, also check your email address showing in Intuit Account and whether or not it is "verified."


This is a public Internet forum.  For your privacy and security, please do not post personal info in this public forum.   It looks like the forum filter has removed your phone number.  Please do not post anything personal.


If the above didn't solve your issue, then while you are in "Intuit Account", also check your settings for "Two Step Verification" (if you use that.)     If you use Two Step Verification, then you will have to use a code (either emailed or texted) every time you log into TurboTax.   However, I don't know if that will help for this particular issue you are having or not.