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Hackitoff:  I am hoping TT will install on my Win 7 pc as in the past and hopefully does not have any problems running.  It would be a real pain if you got 3/4 through your tax return and it decided to blow up or freeze permanently.

However, since posting this topic, I just purchased an inexpensive Win 10 laptop.  I figured I can use the laptop as a learning device, among other things, as well as a backup device should my pc call it quits.  I can transition some of my files to the laptop in the interim.  And if TT doesn't work on my pc, I can just use it on the laptop.

I hate trying to adjust to a new operating system where "everything is different."  It looks different, it works different, it's a pain in the butt.  It took me two days trying to get the new Win Mail to download my Apple emails and contacts.  (It was an Apple rep that gave me the key trick, since MSoft and Lenovo can't be bothered.)

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